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PEPS electric drive system has been successfully integrated in Beiqi Foton 18 meters pure electric busRelease time:2017-07-17 Clicks:second source:

   Beiqi Foton and Beijing OUHUI prestolite Motor Drive Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "PEPS") 18m pure electric vehicle development cooperation static debugging.
In January 10, 2014, the prototype car on the road, the vehicle running smoothly, comfort, noise, acceleration and smooth, and received the praise of the staff at the scene. The following vehicle will be tested on the whole vehicle performance test and reliability test at the Beijing Ministry of communications test site, and the vehicle certification announcement will be carried out.
    The car is the first domestic 18m pure electric bus PEPS electric drive system, the successful integration and trial operation, marking the PEPS in the new energy vehicles on the road has taken a crucial step forward, to lay a solid foundation for the full open China new energy bus market.

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