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Read these general safety warnings before maintaining and inspecting this TM4 product.

Maintenance Schedule
The product has been designed to be used with a limited maintenance and inspection schedule, which involves regular visual and mechanical inspections including verifying for:
Overall system damage.
• Correct harness and cable connection to the MCU and the motor.
• Coolant leaks.
• Unusual component wear.
For a more detailed maintenance schedule, see Table 19.
Table 19 Maintenance schedule

Coolant – Inspection
Read all safety warnings associated with handling the cooling agent before working with the cooling system.

Coolant inspection should be carried out according to the recommended schedule as shown in Table 19. Replace or refill coolant as scheduled. Refer to the Product Specifications [6] for the recommended coolant specifications.
Inspect around coolant inlets/outlets of the MCU carefully to ensure that no leak is present. Contact TM4 Customer Service if any leaks are detected during inspection; see Section 7 for contact information.
Refer to Figure 6 for the location of the coolant inlet and outlet locations.
Note: The coolant inlet and outlets on both the motor and the MCU are labelled on the casing.
Figure 6 Inspecting the coolant outlet and inlet for leaks – Motor
Note: Figure 6 shows both the single-ended shaft option with straight cooling tubes and the double-ended shaft option with cooling tubes installed at a 90° angle.
Figure 7 Inspecting the coolant outlet and inlet for leaks – MCU