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System Commissioning

♦ Vehicle integrated system capability

PEPS vehicle controller and electric drive system, the battery management system (BMS) and other integrated vehicle control unit for two-way communication, input and output control command state data through CAN bus.
The vehicle driving operation instruction controller can read and process the driver (for example, accelerator pedal, brake pedal and shift signal etc.), coordination management, to control each instruction control unit sends the vehicle according to the driving expectation driving.
The whole vehicle controller has the protection function to the vehicle, depending on the breakdown category, carries on the classified protection to the vehicle.


♦ Open software development platform

The second generation VMU (VMU200) adopts an open software development platform. The development platform provides a full set of software development basic model based on Simulink and PEPS, and supports customers to customize flexibly according to their own needs, thus greatly shortening the software development cycle.