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Product Testing

PEPS new energy product laboratory is an experimental base with international advanced test technology level. The laboratory management and testing capabilities follow the national standards and some international technical standards, and cover the motor, motor controllers and vehicle controller products. Including the performance of back-to-back motor system test bench and the stator assembly thermal balance test bench, VMU fault diagnosis and simulation platform, IPX7 immersion test bench, and a number of safety testing, infrared testing, vibration and noise test, LMS modal analysis testing instrument etc.. Not only to complete the verification test company, also to help customers to complete the vehicle fault simulation test, and accumulated a lot of practical experience in the process of the experiment, the number of patent applications which has been authorized by the state. PEPS new energy products laboratory is still growing and improving, it is bound to synchronize with the company's strategy, and to obtain greater trust of our customers.

Back-to-back system test bench, the precise control of the company's products based on the common bus technology scheme, system test bench not only has the perfect self built by the motor itself with the power and electric properties, save a lot of energy, but also in the chopper (approved patent) under the control of the system to ensure the reliability of operation and stability. The test bench meets the national standard test and variant confirmatory test of the motor, to assist customers in the simulation of vehicle condition research, is our fully digested with test technology based on the combination of the key test equipment to build the domestic actual condition.

The stator thermal balance test bench is the first domestic stator can detect and control the production process 100% assembly heat balance test equipment (approved patent), can not only realize the test conditions in the stator assembly balance situation, the heating efficiency, iron loss and copper loss value, heat distribution, processing can also be detection of stator in welding, impregnation effect. Not only for the product development and improvement to provide a large number of measured data, but also to ensure that the whole machine to make sure the reliability of the factory.

VMU fault diagnosis and simulation platform, is to meet customer customer service security escort ship, can achieve the customer return to factory fault VMU performance analysis and simulation test, a small bench can not only determine the reliability of CAN bus, integrated vehicle accelerator pedal, brake pedal, shifter, door, air conditioning, cooling system and instrument system power system, signal simulation, quickly and accurately determine the status of vehicle control, test equipment is the key of our customer service guarantee.

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