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Company Address:Songzhuang, Tongzhou District, Beijing

Technology Co. Ltd is dedicated to manufacturing and R & D drive of permanent magnet synchronous motor and control system of the driving motor of Beijing prestolite, provide clean green transportation of high-end solutions for customers. In addition to the design of products and key components imported into the automotive products, the company's manufacturing process also fully embodies the concept of automotive products manufacturing.

The process manufacturing team of the company is an international team of Chinese and Canadian members. It refines the most advanced manufacturing process and production organization to all parts of the production site. In the production line design, a large number of modular flexible design concept, optimized equipment investment program.

Manufacturing assembly line, from the beginning of the design, according to the APQP process from the product characteristics and process characteristics, and the intelligent error proofing, automatic control, and the use of high-precision automatic tightening control system, and the implementation of ADAS (automatic data acquisition system) for real-time monitoring and collection of data. At the same time, the company has a full range of system traceability system, to ensure that customers at any time to provide timely and accurate information inquiries.

The company currently has more than 10 production lines and two independent temperature and humidity assembly workshop, to ensure high standards of quality products for customers, at the same time to protect the electronic component is not influenced by external environment, the company has to meet the international standard ESD controller anti-static workshop constant temperature and humidity, will minimize the risk of external influence. At the same time, the company advocates humanized management, pays great attention to EHS, from the point of view of employee health, the heavy and medium-sized parts adopt manipulator or special hoisting facilities.

Final test stand
Motor assembly line ESD anti-static, constant temperature
and humidity workshop

The company will continue to implement the "customer first, quality first" business philosophy, and actively create "our focus, just to make you feel more at ease" service concept.