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Service Manual

Beijing Prestolite E-propulsion System Ltd. is committed to achieving win-win situation with customers. Adopt international vision, internet ideology, lean thinking , international advanced products, service the customers in an all-round way, be a partner customers rely on .
Talk with customers with sincere smile, express our warm and thoughtful service. Smile is a cosmopolitan language all the guests understand.
Treat every customer as a VIP, pay attention to every request made by customers, satisfy customers wholeheartedly.
Advanced service. Beyond customers expectations, including but not limited to service attitude, service standard and service procedure. Forecast customers demand, provide service timely, allow customers to feel attention.
In the process of providing customers with services, play the subjective initiative, aim at the characteristics and needs of customers, meet customers creatively, create a comfortable atmosphere for customers.
After providing a complete service, should politely inquire and listen to opinions and suggestions of customer, so that provide direction for follow-up service improvement work .